Monday, January 31, 2011

Emmanuelle Alt and her Balmain dark navy jacket

Who doesn't know Emmanuelle Alt is a fan of Balmain? And she has countless number of Balmains?

This jacket is that from the Balmain Autumn/Winter 2010 collection...There are a few other version of this jacket such as the purple tapestry one and the gold brocade version. Alt chose this and i think it's the best choice. At least this is not as flashy or fanciful as the others and most importantly, it is not seasonal and will be able to last a few seasons. Dark navy gives the outlook a more relaxed and toned-down look yet as stylish as black...don't you agree?

Evolution of Givenchy wingtips brogues

Spring/Summer 2009

high-cut ghillie style with patent leather

Autumn/Winter 2010
With monk straps...

Spring/Summer 2011
With monk straps and patent leather

Back to ghillie style! (I LIKE!)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Looks for less: Dead Meat leather effect shorts

Leather shorts will look nice on men and this is proven in Givenchy and Christopher Kane...

Get a pair of leather-lookalike shorts from Dead Meat (available at LVR). It features a coated jersey fabric to attain the leather look while keeping the price much lower than a real leather shorts.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Prada SS11 Wingtip Espadrilles

Apparently, the Prada Wingtip Espadrilles has become quite a hit this season. Many were pictured wearing a pair...

Balmain Homme SS11 Biker Jeans in blue

This pair of biker jeans came in the mail yesterday. I am pretty satisfied with the cut, quality, fabric and details. The only exception is the shade of the colour might be a little light for my liking but i will grow to like it! What i like most of the biker jeans is the ribbed parts and the chunky zippers! Who would thought of using leather jacket zippers on jeans. Genius.

more pictures...

Monday, January 24, 2011

Cheap thrill

Bought this chain belt from Zara over the weekend. I think the belt is worth more than its price of SG$49. Gold hardware with synthetic leather (can't be real leather right?). Comes in brown and red leather as well.

3.1 Phillip Lim Autumn/Winter 2011

Wow! I love this collection and i think it is the best of Autumn/Winter 2011. This collection certainly remind me of Balenciaga. Personally, i find it more "Balenciaga" than Balenciag itself. I just love the entire styling! Don't you? Panos Yiapanis, who is the stylist for this presentation, did a very good job in my opinion.

I just can't wait to see more details of the leather jacket below...

More pictures...

Givenchy Autumn/Winter 2011

Shocked. What is wrong with Riccardo Tisci and the dog prints? Does he love dogs to the extent that he had to use the dog prints so excessively? Will you wear the dog print shirts or shorts? I find them really disgusting. It might be the first time dog prints are used in high fashion but it's also the first time knee-high boots are created for men. The whole collection look so Japanese that it seemed like it's a creation from Number (N)ine. Some items might be nice though such as the belts or shirts without the dog prints...we shall see when the collection hit the stores...

More pictures

Balmain Homme Autumn/Winter 2011

I must say i am really disappointed with this collection. The whole collection look so bohemian to me and it seems like these are the products of a fast fashion retailer. Think H&M or Topman. Even Zara is better. I can't help to wonder if Balmain going to lower their ridiculous prices with this kind of products...if not, how are they going to justify the sky-high prices?

Will i be wrong to say that Christophe Decarnin might have choosen the wrong colours for the winter season? These colours camel, navy, mustard and turquoise seem to be more suitable for the summer. Where is black, white or grey? Shouldn't a winter collection consist of such basic colours unless Decarnin is trying to standout from the rest? Some might say styling is the problem but i don't think so. Did you see any piece that is beautifully designed which unique or uncommon in fast fashion?

Well...even though my thoughts are rather negative but i am keeping my reservation. Some other nicer items which did not appear in this presentation might make it to the racks....Anyway, these 4 are the only looks i might like.

More pictures

Friday, January 21, 2011

Balmain Homme Autumn/Winter 2011/12 *Preview*

Seems like Balmain Homme is going furry in winter

(a new biker jeans with double zips on the pockets?)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Nice bag from Alexander Wang

Don't you think this bag looks the Proenza Schouler?

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Givenchy document case

I was planning to get either one of these document cases when i found out that the dimension is only 23cm by 17cm. Too small for me...Have to give it a miss

Monday, January 17, 2011

Things from HK

I was hunting for Givenchy and Balmain when i was in HK. Basically, i've been to all the boutiques that carry both of them...Harvey Nichols, Lane Crawford, Joyce, Swank and etc...For Balmain, nothing much was left. I guess the number of items are really limited. As for Givenchy, the selection wasn't good. Plenty of t-shirts and nothing much. Perhaps some shoes. So the only Givenchy i bought is this shirt from the Spring/Summer 2011 collection.

More things...

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