Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Kris Van Assche AW07 pre-order

I just received another email for the pre-order for Kris Van Assche Autumn/Winter 2007 collection. Nothing much for this pre-order but these are the ones that i like...

Monday, February 26, 2007

Arghhh ! ! !

F**K ! !....the Dior Homme leather blouson is available AGAIN...Why must it reappear after i have put it behind my mind. I wanted to buy it desperately sometime ago but it was sold out before i could buy it. Now, it keeps me thinking about it again...argghhh!

An interesting poem about a Shirt

When I wore you with a tie you made me look respectable.

When I wore you with jeans you made me look nonchalant.

When I wore you with holes in the sleeve you made me look rebellious.

Now the end is near, we both know it.

If you were a tee shirt it would be easy.

I would shred you and wash the car with you, but you deserve better than that.

Instead I will continue to wear you until my wife can no longer take it.

Like all of my old underwear, she will steal you away in the night and take you to a better place.

Until then, remember, I always wore you close to my heart.

by The Sartorialist

Music finally added...

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Saturday, February 24, 2007

A new background

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Friday, February 23, 2007

Neil Barrett backstage Video

A different Dior Homme AW07 Video

KrisVanAssche 2007 Videos

Autumn/Winter 2007-08

Spring/Summer 2007

Inside the S/S07 show

KrisVanAssche Autumn/Winter 2005 Video

more about the first collection of KVA

Passionate about a vision of a man who takes the time to "dress up," Kris Van Assche pursues a masculinity infused with poetry and authenticity.

Balancing a nostalgic historical sense with radical modernism, he has created a distinctive, refined style of nonchalant elegance.
Van Assche’s work is characterized by attention to detail and his designs arise from a sophisticated approach that breaks away from the uniformization of sportswear.

The first collection of KrisVanAssche at Isetan, Shinjuku.

OK...here's the plan


We'll reach our hotel at about 4pm and we will spend the rest of the day in Shinjuku.
Udon restaurant->Isetan->"That shop"->maybe 2line in Harajuku to get that jacket

Just to shop around for the whole day and we'll leave our hotel at 10am for breakfast

We'll be going to GALA YUZAWA to ski and snowboard
Shinjuku station->Tokyo Station->Echigo Yuzawa Station

A whole day at Fuji-Q amusement park and maybe clubbing in the night
Shinjuku bus station->Fuji-Q->maybe Shibuya or Roppongi for clubbing

Just a day to shop and wander around

Go back to any places to buy anything that we left out

Do our very last minute shopping in Shinjuku and must take the Airport express bus at 3pm
Shinjuku->Hotel->Shinjuku bus station->Narita Airport

Thursday, February 22, 2007

The first collection of KrisVanAssche

KrisVanAssche has always attracted me ever since his first collection in AW05. I love the simplicity with the little details. The first time i came across KVA was from a magazine, it was an article about KVA being available in Harvey Nichols. His ideas were really original with something that i have never seen it done by any other designer.
The style of KVA is always fitted top with a loose pants. In every collection of his, you will definitely see suits, pants and shirts with beautiful details. Vest and waistcoat is also a common sight in his collection.
Fake tie print

Amazing details on the suit

The the right side of the collar looks like a normal one but the left side is actually inverted

It is not a shirt with the sleeves folded up....its a shirt sleeve shirt as the way you see it

Notice the fake tie prints on the waist band of the pants

Monday, February 19, 2007

February pickup...

I've just ordered 2 tops. A Dior Homme bee embroidery polo shirt in black and a KrisVanAssche v-neck tee in black. I have always wanted to get a bee polo and i finally got one now. I have bought 2 v-neck tees from KVA previously and i love it! The cutting and material are both very good so i decided to buy another one.

Monday, February 12, 2007

All planned for Tokyo...

Air tickets reserved

Hotel room

All set.....and here's the itinerary:

11 March 2007 Northwest Airline: NW20 MNL-NRT 0805hrs

11 March 2007 Nishi Shinjuku Hotel: Check-in 1600hrs

17 March 2007 Nishi Shinjuku Hotel: Check-out 1100hrs

17 March 2007 Northwest Airline: NW19 NRT-MNL 1905hrs

"It has been a year and its our first anniversary. We are making a trip back to Tokyo where had our honeymoon exactly 1 year ago"

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Dior Homme A/W07 pre-order

I just received an email for the pre-order for the A/W07 collection. Here are a few pieces that i actually fancy but i do know which one will i eventually order......


7H3151950100 900

7H3140760315 900

7H3141160315 900

7H3540730046700 E3556

7H3141140347 900

7H3121290407 900

7H3540680003 900

7H3362630082 980

7H3362900010 900

7H3141260338 980

Saturday, February 3, 2007

Dior Homme D point belt released for SS07

The D point belt is released again for SS07. It was first released in SS05 and there were a few variations at that time. Some were decorated leather and some were canvas. Anyhow, I hope to get the leather one.


Dior Homme Deville

This is the new classic duffel bag from Dior Homme but it was actually first released a few seasons back. For 2007, there are two new colours- white and silver. Made of washed lambskin with aged silver finish accessories. Comes with a wool tassel. For all previous seasons, the duffel bag and wool tassel are each sold separately.

I think this bag is not practical at all although it look nice. You can't keep any files or anything like this in the bag. No matter what, this bag is still the most sought after bag among DH fans...(except me)

(Item code: AGN C1292P NO)

Friday, February 2, 2007

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Dior Homme A/W 2007

The fashion show was held 2 days ago...I was prepared for the worst but it turned out fine. Personally, i think it is much better than S/S07 although i don't find any pieces significantly nice. At least the clothes from this season are more wearable and not andro in any way. The extra-long sleeve certainly does not appeal to me and the boots are very very ugly indeed( they are too fat and wide). It doesn't look good at all with the clothes. Well, i do find some pieces interesting....have to see them in real though...

Slim and short leather jacket. Military jackets with epaulets, looking similarly to the napoleon jacket. A few tops are quite nice but i wonder if they are t-shirts or knits...Well well well....lets just wait for better pictures...

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