Thursday, January 13, 2011

Deal from Sale #6

I have gone crazy over this Balmain belt. I just bought a third one in GOLD. Remember i bought one in size 95 about 2 weeks ago? Then i went on to buy another one in women size 40 when Youtchi told me he can get me one in Paris. So now i have 3!

I knew from the start that i will get both colours, Silver and Gold, so i didn't even hesitate to buy when i saw the gold one reduced from €324 to €226.80. The reason why i bought the second Silver one is because i knew the size 95 will be too big for me. Women size 40 would be better for me.

With the size 95, i estimate i will need only 2 additional holes to make it fit. Fortunately, the end of the strap would not be too long even if it is worn on the last hole.  It's sold out at MF so if anyone wants the size 95, drop me a message before i list it on eBay.


AD said...

Can you measure the belt's total length?

Monsieur AG said...

The full length of the leather is 110cm. Buckle pin to te first hole is 99cm and to the last hole is 89cm.

Anonymous said...

I'm interested!
how can I deal with you?
I'm a HK

Monsieur AG said...

I can ship it to you in HK.

Which size and colour do you want? I have 2.

email me for more details.

kai said...


You still got any of your balmain belts for sale?

Email me back. :)

Monsieur AG said...

All available ones have been sold :)

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