Saturday, September 13, 2008

Burberry Prorsum AW08 bags

I saw some Burberry Prorsum bags in Hong Kong and the prices are rather ridiculous. Much more expensive than Europe...The price of this bag in Black is HKD15,000 which is about USD1,900.
The most expensive one i saw would be this. The price is HKD20,000 which is about USD2,600.
All i can say is that the bags are nice but the size is much bigger than it look. It is more of a travel bag rather than a daily bag.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Retail price and Balenciaga in Hong Kong

Remember these 2 items in my wishlist? Well...i saw the boots in Hong Kong. Apparently, this pair of boots is brought forward to the Winter collection and it was not on sale during the end of season sale. I guess the reason is simple...the PRICE! The price of the boots is HKD7300 which is about USD900++...I seriously think that the price is too much. Anyway, the shape is really good...the best that i have ever seen.

As for the bag, i couldn't find it as the only Balenciaga store in Hong Kong is closed. Don't bother making a trip there. The rumour that i've heard is that the store is not making money thus the closure...Go to Joyce if you need any Balenciaga...

Recent purchases

Actually, i wanted a classic Ray Ban aviator sunglass with mirror lens but i couldn't find. Instead, i found a Dior Homme aviator with mirror lens and i bought it after hesitating for awhile...

The shape fits me better than the Ray Ban as it is bigger. No regrets buying it... the iPhone 3G which i have always wanted to get...finally waited for its release...Paid top dollars for it as i signed up for the cheapest mobile plan...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Mulberry large Bayswater

Another classic bag...hope to get this soon

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