Monday, January 24, 2011

Balmain Homme Autumn/Winter 2011

I must say i am really disappointed with this collection. The whole collection look so bohemian to me and it seems like these are the products of a fast fashion retailer. Think H&M or Topman. Even Zara is better. I can't help to wonder if Balmain going to lower their ridiculous prices with this kind of products...if not, how are they going to justify the sky-high prices?

Will i be wrong to say that Christophe Decarnin might have choosen the wrong colours for the winter season? These colours camel, navy, mustard and turquoise seem to be more suitable for the summer. Where is black, white or grey? Shouldn't a winter collection consist of such basic colours unless Decarnin is trying to standout from the rest? Some might say styling is the problem but i don't think so. Did you see any piece that is beautifully designed which unique or uncommon in fast fashion?

Well...even though my thoughts are rather negative but i am keeping my reservation. Some other nicer items which did not appear in this presentation might make it to the racks....Anyway, these 4 are the only looks i might like.

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Anonymous said...

This collection is just incredible.

racing pant

grey large pocket pant

Just wrong:
Black boot... except with tux, which is amazing.
Damn, that tux is amazing, the jacket's shade of off white is stunning, but you need to be a rail to pull off that velvet pant.

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