Friday, September 28, 2007

Huge update on Dior Homme store in US

These are the latest collection that the US boutique have in stores now...

Thanks Youtchi for all the pictures

Wallpaper* October 2007

Finally got my hands on the Wallpaper* magazine. Nothing much about fashion as usual but there is an interview on Hedi Slimane. In the magazine, Hedi talks about art, photography and his exhibition but nothing about his future plans or fashion. I am kind of disappointed though...maybe because i am not an art person. I am more of a design person...Its not just fashion design but basically almost everything about design...for example; architecture designs.

I don't know but maybe Art is Design and design is also art. Maybe i am wrong. Its what you think it is in your own paradigm......

Favourite Dior Homme items #7

These are the favourite Dior Homme items of Takuya

SS04 Leather Blouson

AW03/04 Napoleon Jacket
AW04/05 Leather Blouson

SS03 Jacket

SS04 Hoodie

SS02 Bloundwound shirt

AW03/04 Bleu Clair waxed jeans

AW05/06 Gold Heels

SS04 Sneaker

SS04 Sneaker

SS05 Sneaker

SS04 Chain mail Belt

SS04 Corsage

AW02/03 Pins & Badges

AW04/05 Leather strap

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Favourite Dior Homme items #6

These are the Favourite Dior Homme items of Philippe

SS07 Trench Coat

(Ref code: 7E3140050124)

AW06/07 Blouson

(Ref code: 6HH1047805)

SS07 Sweater

(Ref code: 7E3361150009)

AW07/08 T-shirt

(Ref code: 7H3362890091)

SS07 Jeans

(Ref code: 7E3110910225)

SS07 Sneaker

(Ref code: SNKC3936)

AW07/08 Scarf

(Ref code: 7H3490230010)

SS07 Deville Duffel bag

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