Saturday, January 15, 2011

Deal from Sale #7

This should be the last Sale item i bought (unless i found another good deal...haha). Even though i am not a bag person (i have telling myself not to buy any bag) but this is a deal too good to be missed. A Givenchy studded bag for only €340. How better can it be? I know it's a nylon bag but who don't love their unique triangular studs? I simply love studs, especially Givenchy ones. Ok, this is a womens hobo bag but a guy can also carry it well. My intention is to add an extra longer strap to make it a 2-way bag. Apart from slinging it on a shoulder like a hobo, i can then sling it across my body like a messenger......

This is another bag from Givenchy which is very similar to the one i bought. The name of this bag is Bugatti.

Here's another version in gold studs...

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