Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last purchase for 2009

I've waited quite awhile for the sale at D&G. It started about 2 weeks ago and i am surprised to find something in my size. I have been buying a lot of shirts and i guess this should be the last one for 2009. I can't possibly buy another one today...haha...Well, the sale at D&G is quite attractive, the discount is between 40% to 50%. This shirt is discounted at 40% off and i paid less than £100 for it. Not forgetting the boots which i blogged about, i bought it together as well.

New Balenciaga SS10 items

(please click on pictures to enlarge)

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Balenciaga SS10 sneakers

Yay or Nay...I don't know...

Louis Vuitton SS10 shoes

Never were i a fan of Louis Vuitton, i find that their items are too mainstream. However, i really like this particular model. The Richelieu...

Friday, December 18, 2009

Another gladiator sandals

Luisiaviaroma has just updated their website with the Spring/Summer 2010 collection. Looking through the Sergio Rossi and i saw this lace up sandals. I fell in love with it immediately. I believe this will look good with almost any bottom; pants, jeans or even shorts. I hope it will be available sooner.

Go onto their website to pre-order your SS2010 stuff now.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Shirt-buying craze

I bought another shirt again! I think this is the 7th one within 2 months. Am i crazy or what? I still have more than 7 brand-new shirts which i have not worn. I must stop and i will stop! The good thing about all my recent purchases is that they are all discounted sale items. The average price of all the 7 shirts which i have bought is about US$220 but the retail price would be more than US$400 each. Looking at this amount, i had actually save more than US$1,000.

Now look at the shirt which i have ordered. This is the same KrisVanAssche AW09 Tie Applique shirt but in a different fabric from the one i bought earlier on. And i got it for 40% off...

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Prada store in Paris

If you expected for the new Prada store in Paris to have a powerful design identity, than you are probably very satisfied with the final results. The store is situated on Place Beauvau, no 92 and it was designed by Roberto Baciocchi. The facade of the building is a reminder of the Pont Mirabeau, a famous French bridge built in 1895. Art seems to unite all the elements of design in the store and impressive silhouettes greet you as you look around for fashionable and famous things to purchase. Bronze, glass and mirrors are present, emphasizing on the opulence which characterizes the brand.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

An old Alexander Wang interview

Alexander Wang on, erm, Alexander Wang.

Tuesday night saw Selfridges, the legendary London department store, hit yet another fashion high. After last week’s ‘meet and greet’ with Jeremy Scott, the iconic store stepped things up a gear with the latest instalment of Colin McDowell’s renowned ‘In Conversation’ series. The designer in question was Alexander Wang - the young Chinese/American who seems unable to put a foot wrong.

Indeed, in these times of economic crisis his business is something of an enigma, with sales skyrocketing. His accessories have become the most coveted ‘must haves’ around, and more importantly, genuinely affordable. At just 25 years old the boy is something of a fashion prodigy, already heading up a team of 40 staff at his NY studio. And it’s growing. Wang’s fashion empire consists of much more than merely his Women’s line. Versatility (a recurring sound bite throughout the interview) is fundamental to the success of his label. And versatile he is, with a GAP collaboration already firmly under his belt, a newly unveiled Men’s collection and the T diffusion line all proving to be massively successful, the question prevails; what next for Alexander Wang? Over to you Colin…

CM: Those of you who read poetry when you were a child probably know of the quote by American poet Longfellow: ‘Youth is lovely, age is lonely’. Well, I don’t feel particularly lonely, especially not tonight, with all these people around me. Though I am very conscious that we have lovely youth here (points to Alexander). (To Alexander) This afternoon, I went through all of the people I have interviewed and you are the youngest, you are definitely the youngest! I'm very thrilled because you are the hottest star at the moment and everyone is the room is quite as excited about you as they are in America. He’s just so young, it’s incredible. (Audience laughs). You are in fact twenty-five, is that right?
AW: Yes. Twenty-five.

Rest of the interview

Discounted buys!

Balenciaga SS09 "Origami" Shirt
I saw this shirt when i was in London earlier this year. My size was sold out everywhere so i didn't manage to get it. Luckily i couldn't get it then and now i got it at a discounted price. A new addition to my collection of white shirts!

Origami details on the collar and sleeves

Here are some pics on a different fabric to show the details better

Lanvin SS09 shirt with removable collar & cuff
Aha! This is my first Lanvin. I had always wanted to get something from Lanvin. Their shoes would be a good choice but too bad i don't really like the shape. A discounted item will be a good start for me to start buying Lanvin...

Pics of the collar and cuff

Kris Van Assche SS09 shirt

Nothing spectacular on this shirt. It's more for mix and match. I am just adding another KVA to my wardrobe because i really like KVA's cutting...haha

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