Monday, February 25, 2008

Favourite Runway Look Part3

Spring/Summer 2004
This is one of my favourite collection. I would say 2004 is the best year for Dior Homme. Both of the S/S and A/W collection are wonderful. I love the blazers, polo shirts, jeans and accessories of this collection. This collection has a few of the nicest jeans of all time, be it the destroyed jeans or Bleu Clair waxed jeans. The accessories are wonderful too.
Autumn/Winter 2004
This is another of my favourite collection. Everything is perfect. I love almost everything from this collection. Awesome blazers, shirts, jeans, shoes...basically everything. All the items are very wearable unlike some of the other collection. I am sure alot of people likes this collection as well.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Favourite Runway Look Part2

Spring/Summer 2003
The most significant items on the runway are the extra-long scarfs and those black jeans. The black jeans have since became a highly sought-after item. A classic Dior Homme item. If you realized, this is the first season that Dior Homme made jeans.

Autumn/Winter 2003

Needless to say, the Napoleon jackets, Leather jackets, Hoodies and jeans are the significant items from this collection. Heavily-accessorized punk look with lots of layering. Regrettably, i don't think i am able to carry off any of the looks. I love the waxed polo shirt above but i have yet to acquire it.

Favourite Runway Look Part1

Spring/Summer 2002
The most iconic item from this collection will definitely be the "Blood wound" shirts. Everyone recognize this shirt especially Dior Homme fans. This is also the period before Hedi Slimane started creating ultra-slim silhouette.

Autumn/Winter 2002

This is the season where the skinny tie craze started. The bee embroidery ties and "Griffin and Shield" pins became the highly sought-after items ever since it appeared on the campaign.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

A silver version

Have you seen this version before? I don't even know that there is a silver version until i saw the picture. Anyway, i think its way too flashy...

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