Friday, September 28, 2007

Wallpaper* October 2007

Finally got my hands on the Wallpaper* magazine. Nothing much about fashion as usual but there is an interview on Hedi Slimane. In the magazine, Hedi talks about art, photography and his exhibition but nothing about his future plans or fashion. I am kind of disappointed though...maybe because i am not an art person. I am more of a design person...Its not just fashion design but basically almost everything about design...for example; architecture designs.

I don't know but maybe Art is Design and design is also art. Maybe i am wrong. Its what you think it is in your own paradigm......


alex said...

is this mag rare? did you have a hard time finding it?

monsieur AG said...

not really...u should be able to find it in major bookstores

Anonymous said...

Just stumbled upon your post, and would really love to read the Hedi Slimane Wallpaper interview.

I am doubtful I will ever come across this issue, if it is at all possible, would you be able to scan the interview text?

Thanks in advance -!

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