Friday, September 28, 2007

Favourite Dior Homme items #7

These are the favourite Dior Homme items of Takuya

SS04 Leather Blouson

AW03/04 Napoleon Jacket
AW04/05 Leather Blouson

SS03 Jacket

SS04 Hoodie

SS02 Bloundwound shirt

AW03/04 Bleu Clair waxed jeans

AW05/06 Gold Heels

SS04 Sneaker

SS04 Sneaker

SS05 Sneaker

SS04 Chain mail Belt

SS04 Corsage

AW02/03 Pins & Badges

AW04/05 Leather strap


alex said...

wow, another japanese with an even crazier collection. dont get me wrong, i like teru's collection, but his leather jacket is of recent collection. while takuya's collection is the highlight of each season!

monsieur AG said...

yeah man!! but i prefer Teru's collection...i like that few leather jackets that he owned.

Takuya's collection is really impressive...he has the best of every collection...i guess he has been a Dior Homme fan right from the start.

alex said...

why is it that the only ones with the most hard core collection are the japanese? even though price wise, its more expensive there.... hmmmm

monsieur AG said...

Well...the japanese are really the die-hard fans man!

yoyo said...

well japan probably has the biggest market share of fans - there's 5 boutiques in japan while only 2 in france and 3 in the entire US for example. also the asian market in general seems to be more avid of the extravagant/ostentatious and rocknroll pieces than the europeans who tend to dress more "elegantly" and discreetly. I've never seen someone wear the napoleon jacket in paris for example but ive seen it a couple of times in tokyo and seoul.

monsieur AG said...

Yeah thats true....even the wash tag specifies Japan with the "Only four Japan"....haha

alex said...

ive seen some Parisian rockin the napoleon jacket during 2003. guess its more of a phase, 'fasion' moment for that particular season for the parisians, while for the japanese and koreans its more of a status and cult symbol.

monsieur AG said...

Definitely a fashion phase!!...they don't usually like old collection...europeans wants to ahead of fashion instead of hanging on to old season

Takuya said...

thank you for your nice comments on my collection. yes, teru's collection is better than me, i think. he's more updated, i havent been buying a lot of dh now. been buying and wearing just apc and converse, just like hedi:)

monsieur AG said...

Don't get the wrong idea...I think that your collection is better than Teru with all those really rare items...i would prefer Teru's because its not too loud

-h of candid cool said...
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Anonymous said...

If someone ever sell the SS04 Chain mail Belt, I will definitely buy it !!!!

Resco said...

Hello Takuya

What is the style name/number of the zipper sneaker from ss04

Great collection.

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