Thursday, September 27, 2007

Favourite Dior Homme items #6

These are the Favourite Dior Homme items of Philippe

SS07 Trench Coat

(Ref code: 7E3140050124)

AW06/07 Blouson

(Ref code: 6HH1047805)

SS07 Sweater

(Ref code: 7E3361150009)

AW07/08 T-shirt

(Ref code: 7H3362890091)

SS07 Jeans

(Ref code: 7E3110910225)

SS07 Sneaker

(Ref code: SNKC3936)

AW07/08 Scarf

(Ref code: 7H3490230010)

SS07 Deville Duffel bag


Mattia said...

I love duffle bag...wonderful in white

monsieur AG said...

yeah...its a good bad indeed!

philippe said...

Thanks Mattia! Have actually spent my whole day yesterday on Paris shopping and obviously went to every possible DH store ;-)
And as it happens, the stores were all out of Deville bags in quilted leather and white!
True best sellers as I've been reported by shop assistants.
It was really the time of shopping there : shops are going out of stock quite rapidly now, and since I had a 10% day off at DH, I indulge with some items!
Your exact duffle down jacket Mattia (size 48, last one in Paris.. BTW a very nice and warm jacket with real duvet inside), arm warmers (picked the very last one too!), jeans, polo (last one too, the exact same sold at eluxury).

The flight to Paris wasn't useless after all! ;-)


monsieur AG said...

It seems like everyone is crazy about Dior Homme now...hehe

Monsieur Dam. said...

don't you want saling your trench?

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