Friday, January 12, 2007

Finally ordered......

I just ordered these items, some changes from my S/S'07 wishlist. First of all, the Dior Hoome slingbag was sold out so i chose this totebag instead, a little more expensive but i like this more than the slingbag. Hopefully, it comes along with the tassle. The Neil Barrett tie print shirt was also sold out and i didn't order the suspender fake print shirt. Mainly because i like the tie print more than the suspender print. Furthermore, i think the suspender print looks weird and i think i should spend lesser...haha...I hope to see the tie print shirt in Lane Crawford when i'm in HK. I still ordered the KrissVanAssche back print tee but i ordered another one too. Finally, this Dior Homme raw denim...the reason why i bought this was because i sold my old pair away...sounds stupid?? No...because this is made in Japan and the pair i sold was made in Italy...

(clockwise from top left)

  1. Dior Homme leather totebag
  2. KrisVanAssche back print tee
  3. Dior Homme raw denim
  4. KrisVanAssche Love Hurts tee

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