Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Dior Homme B01 sneaker

(Item code: SNDC3900 A1N0)

This is the B01 (German trainers) from Spring/Summer 2007. A new and only colourway for this season. This is one of the iconic sneaker from Dior Homme, probably the one of the most recognizable Dior Homme sneaker. This sneaker was first presented at the VoTC collection and it has since created a group of followers, be it Dior Homme fans or not. Although Dior Homme is the first fashion house to release the B01, many others have also release this model, namely Martin Margiela.

I am thinking of getting this but i have tried it before and it looks rather bulky wearing it with skinny jeans. The size i tried the other time wasn't my size, maybe this is the reason why it look so big. Well...maybe i should try it again...

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