Thursday, January 25, 2007

about Hedi Slimane

Is Hedi Slimane leaving Dior? This question have been appearing on the internet forum for a long time. Although there is no confirmation that he is leaving but many of his fans wanted him to leave, many wanted him to get out of the profit-prioritized fashion house. But first of all, did he ever said that he has the intention to leave? From what i know, i don't think he did. Rumours have been floating around for a ages but he had yet designed FW07-08, SS07, FW06-07 for Dior ever since the rumours started since SS06. I think maybe he is just tired and he need a break before he make a big comeback. Every designer has a down period in their career and i think Hedi is having his now. I believed the world will know if Hedi is still good at what he is doing from the upcoming FW07-08 collection.

Many has also complained about the crappy quality of Dior Homme since the FW05-06 collection. But has the quality really go downhill? I don't think so because their Suits are still made of top-quality. The only thing i agree is the weak buttons but this may due to the fact that the buttons were all machined-sewn nowadays. Its pretty impossible for Dior to be like the Saville Row tailors to sew the buttons on manually. It will take too much work and i believed the tailors at Dior doesn't just make 1 suit per week.

The funny thing is that these people who complained, doesn't want the jeans to be made in Italy but they still want the shirts and others to be made there. Ok, i do understand that Japan makes better denim but how do you justify it? Does it means that those Italian denim were poorly made? I think the reason why these people have this kind of thinking is because of the awful jeans that Dior had made in Italy for the recent collections. What if the Luster waxed jeans were made in Italy, will they still have this kind of thinking? I don't think so...

Now t-shirts, many do not like it that it is made in Turkey. But why? Is it because of prejudice or the quality is really bad? I think the quality is still the same and Dior won't risk making their tees in a lousy factory. I agree that its undeniable that this change is because of bigger profit. At the end of the day, the final choice of buying it or not is still with you. Its not a factor to me if the item is nice. I buy what i like....

Last but not least, i think Hedi does not really have a say to where the items are to be made. What he does is to design and he should be doing it whole-heartedly, not having to worry about sourcing for manufacturer.

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