Thursday, December 14, 2006

Union Jack

I would love to visit England one day but i don't know if i am able cope with the long-haul flight...I am not sick or what but i am just so afraid of boredom. Anyway here's something that i would like to share--The Union Jack(the flag of United Kingdom)

It's actually consisted of the flags of 3 different countries, namely England, Ireland and Scotland.

(Personally, i think the design and idea is pretty cool~)


Anonymous said...


im looking for the Dior Homme UK Flag beanie/neckerchief.Maybe 2006 SS. Do you have some pictures of this item or the product number. I Can´t find anything online ...


Monsieur AG said...

I am sorry, i don't...

Anonymous said...

Dear Monsieur AG ,

Do you have these items ?
If yes could you have a look into the 2006 guide thats would be very nice.


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