Saturday, December 23, 2006

Back from Holiday

Well well well...its not a holiday actually. Its merely a break from work.

First to Singapore then to HongKong.

It was so hot in Singapore and i was perspiring almost all the time. Almost the whole stretch of Orchard Road was filled with holidays shoppers. Sales everywhere, high-end boutiques, departmental stores and even low-range shops. I have not been back in Singapore for half a year and i was surprised to see GAP stores in Singapore. There is not 1 but 3 stores in Singapore. I bought a skinny cotton scarf from there, not cheap though for that price(i couldn't post any picture of it because i left it in HongKong).

I bought some Burberry clothes for my little Sister(5 tops actually) and a Fisher Parker gift for my best friend's 3-month old baby. I got myself 2 colognes from Bvlgari and all-time favourites. I was considering between Bvlgari and Dior Homme but i chose Bylgari in the end because its really nicer than Dior Homme. As for my wife, i bought her Davidoff Coolwater.

OK! and now in HongKong...I was rushing to get home because i wanna buy a jacket to replace the one that i had. It was 10+ in the nite and i was kinda worried that the shops are closed...fortunately, Indu Homme was still open and i got myself a ultra-slim-cut blazer there....I had always wanted to get a blazer from there. Suit from Indu Homme are really cheap and the quality's good...its just so perfectly-cut!

On the second day, i went for a hair cut with my wife at my friend's salon. Her new hairstyle looks really good on her but its not so nice for me...disappointment. I saw a Number (N)ine suit at Twist and i was so tempted to buy it because the price after discount is very attractive(HKD5XXX). What stopped me was that i just bought one the nite before....Next was dinner with my in-laws...

I went to Dior Homme on the 3rd day...nothing much there but there was 30% discount for all clothing. There is nothing that i really fancy except for a tee...a HongKong limited edition tee...i bought it eventually...I finally got a chance to try the best leather jacket from A/W 06/07 and it doesn't look that nice on me, maybe its because of the wrong size for me. Retailed at HKD26000. I browse through the S/S '07 shoes collection but nothing caught my eye....Next was a another shop that sells European labels, got another Dior Homme tee from there because it was really cheap...a 45% discount!

On the 4th day, i went back to Harvey Nichols to buy the Dolce & Gabanna boots that i saw the other day...but size 40 was the only size left...disappointed once don't ever expect to get good stuff when there is a sale because either the good sizes are gone or the nice ones are sold out. I saw the KrisVanAssche collection there as was good, really good....i saw a nice well-designed cropped suit jacket...the price is really attractive(HKD4XXX)...but after trying, it make me look funny because of the thick shoulder pads...i gave it up in the end

I was quite mood-less on the last day because i didn't really buy much...priority on my wife, she wanted to get a bag...She has a few choices--a YSL muse bag, Gucci shoulder bag, or any other inexpensive bag...She settled for a Mango shoulder bag because she can trash it..."No extra care needed"...good choice though...

And now back here!

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