Friday, December 29, 2006

Dior Homme by Hedi Slimane Seasons Review

Automne/Hiver 01-02 "Solitaire"

Printemps/Été 02 "Boys Don't Cry / Red"

Automne/Hiver 02-03 "Reflection"

Printemps/Été 03 "Follow Me"

Automne/Hiver 03-04 "Luster"

Printemps/Été 04 "Strip"

Automne/Hiver 04-05 "Victim of the Crime"

Printemps/Été 05 Dubbed "Beck", yet no official name given

Automne/Hiver 05-06 "Everybody just looks the same"

Printemps/Été 06 "The World Was a Mess, but His Hair Was Perfect"

Automne/Hiver 06-07 "These grey days"

Printemps/Été 07 "We look good together"

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