Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Dior Homme S/S'06 Parka+Blouson

6EH1046825 601 R301
6EH1046825 601 R301

I love this napoleon-style jacket. Its just so nice! Too bad that they are not available in stores anymore. I should have bought them when they were up on ebay...REGRETS REGRETS...But its one of the iconic item from that season...


Kenzo.S said...

it's me again, just to tell you that I have this jaket!

Go see it on my myspace!


once again, yo blog ROCKS!!!

monsieur AG said...

Yes. This is a very nice jacket!

DIorNapol said...

are you interested in buying it?

im plannin on sellin it on e-bay

i have black white size 46

also have dustbag and tag

Women leather jackets said...

nice post love it

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