Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I am craving for a new pair of shoes

Can anyone recommend any?


T said...

Hey man,
if you are still looking for the lanvin boat shoes we talked about some time ago check yoox.
They have two different pairs for really cheap.
Let me know.

Monsieur AG said...

hey, thanks for the link.

I saw this previously but its not my size...

T said...

Thats a shame.
I thought you'd be a lanvin/UK 7 (EU41) like me.
Good look with the shoe hunt, will let you know if I come across something you might like.

Monsieur AG said...


I really like the gold part of the shoe...

I have been hunting for a nice pair of shoes for a long time but nothing is nice...hope u can find something nice


Phil said...

Hey mate,

Are you looking for sneakers? I am gearing up to buy some Jordan Retros next month. The Jordan VI is been re-release, not sure if you are interested in non-designer/fashion sneakers..


Monsieur AG said...

Hey Phil

Thanks for the heads up but Nike is no longer my game now...i am looking for a nice looking pair of leather shoes ;)

Phil said...

You sounded all grown up there :)

I always want a pair of Berluti, you can customised the leather finish and how the colour hues from one colour to the next.. at around 900 pounds I don't think I ever will buy a pair as it cost around 100 quid just to fix the whole heel..

Monsieur AG said...

haha...do i?

Anyway i used to pay premium for those LE sneakers but i finally realized that it is not worth that kind of money...

well...Berlutti is like the hermes of shoes...but i will never buy one...the design sucks and its too pricey

Phil said...

Yeah they are quite boring and quite often ugly, I guess some are kinda classic. I saw this in the shop, that's probably the one I will get if I was to buy from them


Monsieur AG said...

i see...so i guess this is their ready-to-wear collection?

Phil said...

yeah I think so.. but you can customise it in terms of colour...

I bought these Gucci's on sales a few months ago, I have yet to wear them


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