Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Balenciaga shirt from Hong Kong

This is the last shirt which i bought from Hong Kong. I got it with almost 50% discount as it is from the old collection. I thought my size will be unavailable but unexpectedly, they still have it...and it is not even the one on displayed.

Notice the sharp collar and simple design on the pocket?

This is a picture which i grab from Yoox. The texture of the material is clearly emphasized.


KL said...

Hey, I was the trip in HK?
u only bought this shirt from balenciga?
how's about the boot?


monsieur AG said...

Hey Karmuel,

i wanted to call you out but i fell sick, down with a flu. I stayed at home most of the time because i hate wearing the mask. Shopping was not good, things are getting alot more expensive than in Europe. I saw the boots in Joyce. It is nice but way too pricey for me. I can't bear to drop that kind of money...

Shane Bailey said...

You're so lucky:) I'm not sure how it is in HK, but in the States, the balenciaga boots are sold separately with the boots and the ankle piece. You can actually just purchase the ankle piece and pair it with any boots. There's one balenciaga boots from last winter that is currently sold at Yoox:) Get well soon..!

monsieur AG said...

You can purchase it separately too but the total price of the boots and cuff is 9700HKD. Ridiculous in my opinion.

Thanks for the regards :)

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