Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Prada studded shoes

This pair of shoes is a hit?

Featured in almost every fashion magazine.

Many have been spotted wearing this.

Many blogged about this.

If you ask me what i think about this pair of shoes, i can only say i am having mixed feeling about it. It is undeniable that the studs made it an iconic item but it may be too striking (for me at least). I like the studs but i hate the shape of the shoe. I like my shoes to be pointy and streamlined, not roundish and flat. I have seen the shoes in person and i find it a bit bulky (maybe i like my shoes to be slim).

If the shoe has lesser studs, i'll buy it.

If the shoe is not in this shape, i'll buy it.

Too bad, this is how it is.


Anonymous said...

you know ... sometimes something is meant to be on runway not every day lives..

Monsieur AG said...

absolutely right!

Shane Bailey said...

Hey u should check out those Jil Sander dress shoes!

Monsieur AG said...

are u referring to this season's shoes? hmm..i didn't see anything nice. Am i missing something?

Womens Dresses said...

Cool pics! I'm loving these shoes! so unique and original!

Kate said...

I guess studs are the new trend for this season. I've seen them on shoes and bags, but I wonder when they will cross over to womens dresses??

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