Monday, August 17, 2009

The Hangover


This is a movie you must watch if you want a good laugh.
It is simply hilarious!

I was in laughing in tears at the end of the show.


The-T said...

Best comedy in years, i worked for warnerbros on that movie and already saw it months ago.
Since then i watched it three times in the cinema, it's just so great!!!

monsieur AG said...

u worked for warnerbros? That must be so u had fun on the set.

I can only say the movie is fucking funny~

The-T said...

Didn't work on the set, I am more on the marketing side.
Not so glamourous but a lot of fun too.

monsieur AG said...

marketing would be fun too~

Anonymous said...

Yeah ! "Hangover" is my 2nd favourite movie in this season and I like their soundtrack, too. "District 9" is 1st, it's 9 times better than "Transfomers 2"

Nicholas Nguyen

monsieur AG said...

I love the song "The Candyshop" by the Dan Band

kenzo.s said...

yeah! The Dan Band is really cool! Try their album, lot of fun garantee!

And Alan is so awesome! 20/20!

By the way, Alvin, would you send me a mail @ when you have a moment? i've got the scans of Hedi's interview in The Inrockuptibles french magazine for you! Sorry it took so long, but i've been quite busy.. :-)

Read you soon,

Viva La Mode Noire.

monsieur AG said...

Thanks alot, Kenzo. My email is

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