Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ash Stymest for HUgE Magazine - Absolute Man

Featuring Balmain Homme
(All scans from Fashionisto)


-h said...

what a difference styling makes.

Anonymous said...

so Hedi!!

The-T said...

I adore all that Balmain stuff.
Especially the leather and the jeans are amazing but so unaffordable.

Anonymous said...

please check below

Paul said...

I like the leather and coat, its really nice.
by the way, I bought the 09AW Balenciaga bag today, its amazing. I love it. you have been posted it before, I bought the first one.


It's able to take strap off, I think it's much better than you use the strap.

Anonymous said...

He's sooo sexy!! And has an amazing profile.. OH ASH!!

Anonymous said...

hi mr AG,

seeing your previous post ive a few questions to ask about leather jackets.

my chest is around 35-36 inches, the leather jacket which i saw online is 40inches, is it too big? i ask the seller he said for leather jackets should get 4-5inch bigger? please help me thanks...

Anonymous said...

hey, why don't update recently? busy??


kenzo.s said...

Yeah Chris Decarnin is killing it! Love it!
We can see some "hedi 's legacy" in it rite?

Dope but way mush expensive than DH...

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