Friday, August 14, 2009

Balenciaga AW09 bags


These are the 2 i like.

The first bag is kinda big for daily use

and the second one

is similar to the one i had

except that this is the motorcycle design...


Anonymous said...

Balenciaga's bag is always on my list! my girlfriend is gonna buy one for winter although is still hot at hong kong... :-)


Vincent said...

These two bags are available from Joyce..the first one is actually not too big. They have a lighter color in gray i think

monsieur AG said...

Yeah..HK is still hot, i don't think it will be cold until end of Nov.

With the new store in Landmark, i am sure there are plenty of choices

monsieur AG said...

Hi Vincent, i saw the first one in person before. I like it but i find it alittle big. Who knows i might still get it in the end...haha

Paul said...

I saw these two on online shop before, hope can take off the belt for the first one.

monsieur AG said...

I think u can but i won't remove it... :)

Paul said...

haha. :)

R.N said...

it actually its not too big...its kinda flat if u dun stuff much things inside.. the strap cant be remove and actually form a not so nice shape when u carry...imo..
but i still heart it!!!

monsieur AG said... is really nice~

how much did u pay for it?

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