Thursday, June 7, 2012

Outlier Three Way Shorts

When the whole world is raving about Orlebar Brown tailored designer swinshorts, i decided to give Outlier version a try.

Why do i pick Outlier over Orlebar Brown?

Most importantly for me, Outlier uses the normal button and hole while Brown uses snap buttons. This helps to hold the shorts up while doing rigorous activity. Snap buttons will simply snap open. Furthermore, Outlier has the drawstrings on for better security.

Also, Outlier has belt loops and you can wear a belt with it if you are not at the beach. For this, you can pass it off as normal pair of shorts and not swimshorts.

Fabric-wise, it is water, dirt and stain resistant. It dries fast like what a swimshorts should be and it is made in Switzerland.

But of course, Orlebar Brown has it good points too. They have fancier looking fabrics and the zippers are nicer.

There are several colours, grey, green and blue...


Anonymous said...

Nice one, does it fit TTS?

Monsieur AG said...

It does!

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