Saturday, June 30, 2012

Church's Fosbury loafers

Who would missed Mrporter's bi-annual sale? Definitely not me at least. This is of one the items which i purchased and it is a pair of loafers from Church's in khaki colour. Placed my order on monday and it arrived on thursday.

Original price was £290 and i got it for 50% off. I saw this exact same pair going for HKD2700 after a 40% discount in Hong Kong. Even at this discounted price in Hong Kong, it could only match the retail price in UK. Imagine how much i had saved. Now we know how high the markups are in Asia.

The workmanship of the loafers is excellent and the shape is just perfect! I am already thinking of getting another pair in navy.

Details of the loafers...

Here's how it look on my feet...

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