Friday, April 8, 2011


Just made two great purchases a few days back and this is one of them. A pair of shoes from Giacomorelli. Make a guess which one i bought.

Yes! It is the Glitter Loafers. I must admit, i am a little envious of the glittery shoes that are available for women. Of course, i was not hoping for bright red or flashy pink glitters but this one from Giacomorelli is just perfect. Black glitters! Ultra-sleek and elegant are the only words that i can think of to describe it. Having seen what Louboutin and Miu Miu has done, i was just waiting for a designer to do something for men.

Available at Luisaviaroma: GIACOMORELLI - GLITTER LOAFERS


Anonymous said...

They are gorgeous! Dont you just love them? How does the size run?

Monsieur AG said...

Yes I do! Black glitters are just brilliant. I'm thinking whether to add rubber soles. Anyway, it run true to size.

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