Friday, March 11, 2011

Balmain Homme SS11 Leather Pants

Will you pay £2,300 for this Balmain leather pants? Or should i ask will you ever wear a pair of leather pants?


Shane Bailey said...

Hell no!
No....I don't know --!

Monsieur AG said...

hahaha...don't be tempted ;)

Anonymous said...

Is there a wide belief that leather pants are for gays?

Monsieur AG said...

nope...but for a guy it's really hard to pull off

Mike said...

Hey Monsieur AG,

Sorry for bothering you, but I would really appreciate your advice.

Would you reckon Balmain men's jeans run rather large to size?

On the internet I have spotted a size 28 of the S/S2010 collection; the jeans have been purchased in the UK.

The measurements look alright. Surprisingly, they correspond near perfect to 2 pairs of Armani Jeans I have that are of size 30! I once bought a Dior Homme MIJ sized 31 and it was WAY too big. I guess I am a small 30.

Kind regards,


Monsieur AG said...

Balmain men's jeans do run larger than the tag size. The actual size is roughly 2 size bigger. So if you are true 30 then 28 would fit you

Anonymous said...

are these pics from an online store? can you pls post the link? i might be tempted if they make it to second markdown (which usually happens with leather jeans). thanks!

Monsieur AG said...

It's from Mrporter. I don't think it might make it to the sale. Sale is like 4-5 months away.

Mike said...

Hey Monsieur AG,


Your advice means a lot to me, really (those jeans cost a fortune).

Keep up the blog! You have excellent taste.



Monsieur AG said...

Not a problem :)

Do visit my blog often :(

Shamin said...

Hey Guys!!!!
I am into manufacturing of custom made leather garments .... right now selling on ebay under the names leather_passion and custom_outfits.
was checking out for balmain pants and came up on this blog :-)
Am into making replicas of these balmain pants.. have listed for gals and now will be listing them for the guys too....
anybody interested just click on the link below to view the items selling....

And .... the best thing is that these pants will be custom made to your body measurements and in your favorite color and at peanut prices :-)

warm regards

Atif said...

I really like your background picture and such a lovely pants.

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Kyle Garcia said...

I'd definitely wear them, but not as tight.

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