Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Martyn Bal - Part 1

"I think within five years, Martyn Bal will be a big star. Well, or at least a very prominent man in the fashion industry.

He started about ten years ago - worked with Dirk Bikkembergs. Then he entered the London Royal College of Arts, and, barely having time to finish it, got a job at Dior, where under the guidance of Hedi Slimane helped design the men's line. Then he had a job working in Versace and the return to London as a designer for Burberry."
How it all started.
My mother told me that when I was a little, i made lot of noise if she makes me wear some shorts that are not suited to the jacket. I screamed and will not calm down until she get me something else to wear.

On trends.
I think that the main trend in men's clothes is a rethinking of classical forms and elements. But this should be done gently, without any sudden movements: just take everything that is best in classical art of garment production - the softness, size and simplicity - and to express this with the help of modern technologies and materials.

About autumn / winter '09-10.
Everything in this collection revolves around constructivism, working with the form, amount and proportions. It seemed to me that men's fashion need to move away from strict slim-look, which it has operated in recent years and add roundness. Please note, all items in this collection through the shoulders are rounded and made more lenient.

On its own style.
Balian Man Martin - a man dual. Timeless romantic - but not without some dirty thoughts.

On imitation.
Does my clothes look like Burberry and Dior Homme during Hedi Slimane's time? Well, yes. But this is inevitable, since I worked in both Houses, lived and breathed those ideas.

On the work of Dior.
I can not say anything but platitudes - to work in the most beautiful fashion house of the world, even so with Hedi Slimane. He was simply amazing.

Fashion - forever.
(Excerpted from GQ.ru)

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