Thursday, November 6, 2008

This stopped me

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Silas D. said...

I own a pair of these boots, their sole is completely crafted out of leather, naturally for a product like this.
The marks you show here are inevitable and will appear, whatever you do.

Unless you wanted to wear them for very very special events only, you should have taken that chance to buy them.
Mine are looking better each day, each day I wear them like they should be worn- on the streets!

monsieur AG said...

thanks for the comment

I do understand that the marks are inevitable but its just that i don't feel good buying a pair of boots with marks like that.

I have some other boots with that type of sole and i certainly take good care of it...there is no marks like those until now

Silas D. said...

okay, I totally understand your point.
Besides that, I don't know which price they made?

monsieur AG said...

The price is GBP500.

How much did you pay for yours and where did you bought it?

Silas D. said...

That's quite a good price.
I remember that I paid about 800€ when I got them at KaDeWe Berlin.

That's approx. 650GBP

monsieur AG said...

wow...thats crazy!

its really expensive

-h of candid cool said...

its weird for me to see that much scuffing, shouldnt they have taped the soles for the shoot?

the marks on the bottom sole are forgivable but i agree the scratches on the edges are a turn off.

maybe something better will come your way :)

Anonymous said...

man for those small marks, with the 25% discount, I'd be GLAD there were some tiny scuffs on there to get a quarter off the price.

It's not like it was meager 10% offer. It's taking the price from 500 to 375. that's so good!

But oh well. what's done is done hey.

monsieur AG said...

yeah...thats what i thought too...i certainly remember that those agency do taped up the sole or at least protect it with something

thanks for understanding my unwillingness to get the boots

I am still looking for it though...hope i can find one during the year-end sales

(waiting for the good news from the wonderful YoYo)

monsieur AG said...

maybe i have this thing with my stuff being in good condition...

Hens said...

Where can i find Balenciaga products in HK ??

monsieur AG said...

you can find Balenciaga products only at Joyce now

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