Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Favourite Runway Look Part6

Spring/Summer 2007

This is one of the other collection that i personally dislike, probably because that the models are too skinny and it makes the whole presentation bad! The clothes from this collection are too androgynous and feminine, especially the spaghetti tops. Surprisingly and unexpectedly, i have owned many items from this collection but have sold most of them except my favourite leather jacket. The significant items from this collection are the tuxedos, leather jackets, leather pants and the big bangles.

Autumn/Winter 2007

Last collection by Hedi Slimane before he left the Dior house. A good collection which i really like and i think they are really good for daily wear. Many of the jackets are beautifully-tailored and the striped sweaters have became the iconic items from this collection. Surprisingly and unexpectedly AGAIN, i didn't buy many items from this collection. I almost bought the combat boots but i decided not to because its simply not worth the price. It resemble Doc Martens and i think i am going to buy one soon...

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