Sunday, March 23, 2008

Things that i bought from Japan

These are the 2 Dior Homme t-shirts that i have ordered sometime back. Instructed the seller to ship to my hotel in Japan in order to save on the international shipping.

SS05 Chalk tee

SS06 "Boy about Town" tee

Kris Van Assche Shirt
with nice little details on the bottomBoycott Shirt
a Japanese local brand
Lithium Homme Pants
This is the best pair of pants that i have ever bought. The fit is simply fantastic.
Fred Perry polo-shirt
I bought it because of the colour-way
A shirt from a local retailer called BEAMS
2 cheap shirts for work...hahaha
3 rock tees
This is one of the tee that Hedi Slimane wore

Look closely and you will know what Tee it is

Anyway, i didn't shop much. The prices for high-end brands are extremely high in Japan and its not worth it to buy them there. It is better to buy their local brands but Japanese style are not really suitable for me. Maybe, i just don't like those style.

Finally, i had the chance to see the Burberry Prorsum collection in japan. I am loving it! I think i will start buying Burberry Prorsum instead of Dior Homme. Their clothes are just so beautiful...definitely nicer than what Dior Homme has produced in recent years. The down side of Burberry Prorsum is that the prices are much higher than Dior Homme. I saw a few shirt that i really liked but the prices are at least USD1000 or more. Anyway, i am sure it will be cheaper in Europe or UK at least.

Surprisely, the Japanese likes Dior Homme by KrisVanAssche. I saw a few japanese who were wearing SS08 jeans. Maybe they just like the jeans.......


Anonymous said...

wow great purchases. Sure fits your style! will you also update dh buy/sell?

kevin said...

Yea I liked the looks in the Burberry ad pics. You should also check out the new Dolce&Gabbana collection (not D&G), it has a lot of sleek black, white, and silver clothing, including waxed jeans. I think their materials feel more luxurious (remember the rough wool and cheap plastic buckles they used in many of the DH FW07 jackets?) but unfortunately, they cost 20-50% more. If Hedi Slimane comes out with clothes that look like SS06 and beyond, I won't be a fan of his anymore... although there are always a few hit pieces.

monsieur AG said...

Thanks man. I will update the buy/sell site as soon as possible

monsieur AG said...

Dolce Gabbana is definitely not for me...but Burberry Prorsum is definitely what i will be buying next...

Matt said...

I usually shy away from Fred Perry polos...but the color combo on that one is perfect! What size 36 or 38?

Anonymous said...

Hello dear monsieur AG, I would like to talk to you personally, could you send me a message to; Please, its quite important.

jocke said...

I love your blog! nice pix from Japan!
/Joakim Sweden

monsieur AG said...

Matt...thanks for the compliments on the Fred Perry polo.

I bought that colour combo because its the clolour that Burberry Prorsum is using this season...hehe

It a size M which is specifically for the Japanese market. It fits smaller than the UK version...

monsieur AG said... can contact me at

monsieur AG said...

hey jocke! good to hear from you again...

how are you doing?

Pter said...

I love the Dior leather you are wearing in almost all the pics. The fit looks amazing! Lovely pics!

monsieur AG said...

you could tell what belt i was wearing?

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