Friday, March 7, 2008

Favourite Runway Look Part5

Spring/Summer 2006
Honestly, this collection was quite disappointing. This is when Dior Homme fans started complaining. All the jackets are pretty ugly except the red jacket above. Nothing really interests me. Apparently, the t-shirts and polo shirts were selling quite well since the rest are not really nice...I guess there are nothing much worth collecting from this season.

Autumn/Winter 2006
This collection was quite good in my opinion. The only thing is that it is too formal. There were quite a number of nice outerwear from this collect such as trenchcoats, tuxedos and leather jackets. I think this is the only collection where it is so formal that all of the models look like they are going to a posh dinner. The items from this collection are good if you are dressing up for an event.


yoyo said...

i agree with you. i really like fw06.

monsieur AG said...

the runway show is just too dark to really have a good look at the clothes. Seeing them in person is much better.

Hanes said...


Really like your site, contains very detail information regarding Dior Homme on Slimane era (the best).
Btw I am looking for the Chanel-like jacket from AW06 and the SS05 5EH1042693 (Saharienne/Safari Jacket).
Would you kindly comment regarding the size measurement or provide the actual measurements for both jackets if you own it?
I am not sure whether I should get the 46 or 48 size (I have a true chest of 36 inches).

Looking forward hearing from you, DH expert :)

monsieur AG said...

Thank you for your comments.

Unfortunately, i have own neither of the jackets but i think you should get a size 46 if you want to get a slim look. 48 might be alittle big for you.

Hanes said...

Thank you for your courteous reply!

From your experience, could you kindly advise me the shoulder, chest and sleeve measurement of DH Jacket for size 46 and 48 please?

I just kind of worried since I am in-between size 46 and 48.

monsieur AG said...

if you think that you will be in-between size...i would advise you to get 46

You would prefer it to be slightly fitted rather than loose

issa said...

i personally quite like 06SS, i had a cropped tux and 5 buttons blazer, and l like the shoes! hahah~~the casual look has affected the whole street look, esp. suspenders~

ado rimbo said...

Hey Alvin, I got the Strip blazer yesterday.I have some bad photographs up in DH MSN that people have been asking me for. Remind me what your email was and I will try to send you high quality pics of the blazer by the weekend.

monsieur AG said...

Great! Hope to receive your email soon. My email address is

By the way, you should share with us your favourite Dior Homme items just like the rest. If you like to, you can send it to my email too.

ado rimbo said...

Oh, I already did. My items are favorite Dior Homme #11 remember?lol.
I will have to update that selection with the Strip blazer now.

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