Saturday, October 6, 2007


Well...enough of talking about fashion and i haven't been talking about myself for a long time. Anyway, this is my new hair-cut...i have decided to cut it short finally!!! Have been keeping a mid-length hair for a long time and i decided it is time to shorten it. I was getting bored of it...Many people prefer me to be in short hair and they said i look better in it...haha...what do you think?
Before drinking the awful strawberry colada that i had ordered at Carlifornia Pizza Kitchen. By seeing the look on my face, you should know that it really sucked!!


johnny said...

i think you look better wit short hair too. please forgive me for being so blunt here, but i think you need a facial treatment, as the acnes on your face looks pretty bad though.

i like the shirt, too bad i didnt grab it during the ss07 season. arrrghhh....

monsieur AG said...

thanks for you comments...yeah, i am having a breakout...i probablyneed to control my diet...

this tee is very common, i think u still get it now

Kenzo.S said...

hey you, how you doin?

Where are you from, you seem to have some asian origins, don't you?

A friend sent me your link, your blog is really awesome!

I'm love the DH way to be too, and i'm wondering if you really own this F.....g HUDGE collection?!?

If you have two seconds, you can write me bac at :


Kenzo.S, from FRANCE.

monsieur AG said...


I am fine. thank you.

Yes, i am from Asia...Singapore actually. How about you?

I am glad you like my blog. Some of the DH items are mine and some are my reader's collection...I can't possibly own such a big collection...haha

Anyway, i just added you on myspace.

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