Saturday, October 20, 2007

Favourite Dior Homme items #8

These are the favourite Dior Homme items of Karmuel
top to bottom, left to right
03-04AW lookbook
04SS lookbook
04-05AW lookbook
05SS lookbook
05-06AW lookbook

06SS lookbook
06-07AW lookbook
07SS lookbook
07-08AW lookbook

05-06AW DVD
06-07AW DVD
07-08AW DVD
03-04AW DVD


Xavier said...

WOOW great items...seriously, how can you say a lookbook is your favorite item,Do yourself a favor stop buying them on ebay and keep your money to buy a real thing from DH

monsieur AG said...

i think his collection of the catalog is very good...perhaps he has alot of nice DH items but he still thinks that his catalogs are his prized collection :)

alex said...

no, it lacks the first couple of season, which dior homme is famous for.

monsieur AG said...

its true but...

its also not easy to get so many lookbook

Leung said...

Can I have a copy of the 03-04AW DVD? Is it the official one? I can exchange the 05SS DVD for you.

Anonymous said...

I really want to have a copy of 05SS DVD and 07-08 DVD. Would you do me a favor? I would like to pay if any cost incurred. My e-mail address is:

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