Saturday, July 14, 2007

More picture of the leather blouson

that i am interested in...Anyway, the zips are black which are different from the one worn by the model on the runway. The one from the runway are silver zips....

Pictures not mine

Quilted lining?!?!


yoyo said...

this jacket is a amazing. fits really well too, altho quite short. waiting to see if i like the shearling better, which is not yet in stores...

monsieur AG said...

Really? Is the lining thick? It seems to be padded or something...

its short?! thats great! i love short jackets...i wanna get this but...i will have to sell my old one first...haha

Haydn said...

what size is the jacket yoyo?
i was going to buy the same jacket as
you from paris but changed my mind..

i now have this jacket on it's way
from new york in a size 46
(couldn't find a 44 anywhere)
although, it looks a little big
in all the photos they sent me.

monsieur AG said...

Haydn, why did you change your mind on this leather jacket? Why didn't u like it?

As for the leather jacket that you have bought, is that the leather version or gabardine version? how's the fit?

Haydn said...

It is the leather version.
it's the same one from the runway.
I don't know how it fits yet..
I arrives via fed ex express tomorrow or friday,
so I will keep you updated if you would like,
or if you want photos..

Well, I recieved the winter 07/08
lookbook quite a while ago,
and flicked through it,
my favourite jacket was the one
I have now bought, but my second
option was yoyo's choice.
As it's also a nice jacket and
the jacket I wanted was to hard to
get hold of, I started with London,
Selfridges and Harrods took a while
to get back to me, then found out
they were not stocking it,
tried other Dior Homme stockists in London,
(Browns fashion, Dover Street Market) no luck.
So I moved onto Paris,
(they phoned around for me) also no luck.
the jacket was not available anywhere throughout europe,
at this point I nearly gave up..
but then the next morning..
I thought someone somewhere has to
be stocking this particular jacket.
so I went worldwide
and after so many calls to all the
Dior Homme boutiques, shop-in-shops, retailers,
I finally found out that
Barneys in New York would be stocking it.
They received one of each size with the smallest
being a 46, they didn't get a 44.
The thing is with Barneys New York,
they charge a 40% fee for it to come to London!
So I had to pay $1912 just for shipping.
Which is the most I've ever paid for shipping, ha.

monsieur AG said...

What?!! u paid $1912 just for the shipping?!! Thats a hefty price for shipping man!

This is my favourite jacket from this collection too but its really expensive...The jacket is pretty short but the design is quite interesting...I'll be glad if you can show me some photos when you receive it :)

Haydn said...

Well, I didn't have a choice..
that price is for taxes, import
duties, customs, shipping, etc
You can phone Barneys New York to see
how much it would be to ship to you
in Hong Kong.. I expect expensive though..

It is an expensive jacket,
but I needed a new one,
this is Hedi's last so..
and I really (so far) don't like what
Kris has done with Dior Homme..

Yes, they told me in Paris that there
is so much stitching in this particular
jacket which makes it so expensive..

Sure, I'll take lot's of pictures
for you when it arrives!

Would you mind if I added you on myspace?

monsieur AG said...

Nah...i think i would rather buy it from the Dior Homme store if i can afford it...haha...the extra charges are too much...

I would like to buy a new leather jacket too but i have to sell my old one first...Anyway, i didn't like the first collection done by KVA too

I hope to see the pictures of the jacket soon!

and...Yeah, please add me on myspace!

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