Friday, July 13, 2007


Many people may think that the brand to follow after Hedi has left would be Lanvin or Balenciaga. I think otherwise...I would rather look up to Cerruti. Many of you might think that Cerruti is a brand which is dying or a brand which has already long gone with history...i can tell you that IT IS NOT. Although Cerruti is an old brand but a new Designer was hired not too long ago, he is Nicolas Andreas Taralis.

These are pictures from the Spring/Summer 2008 collection.

This is the first men's collection after Taralis is appointed creative director.
All the previous collection designed by Taralis was women's collection.

Nicolas Andreas Taralis himself

A little about him:
Nicolas Andreas Taralis is a Canadian and he studied with Helmut Lang at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. He has worked as an assistant to Hedi Slimane at Dior Homme. Taralis had been with Slimane since the very beginning of Dior Homme and he left right after the Strip collection to launch his own line, and his time at Dior Homme is evident in his aesthetic, which is similar to Slimane's but a bit grittier than Slimane's immaculate stylings. During his time at Dior Homme, he has contributed a lot to the success of the brand.


KL said...

i am karmuel.
nice to meet u.
thanks for your comment in my xanga.
i luv HS too!!
i am in paris.
how about u?
and are you chinese?
hey add my MSN,

NAT go to that brand!!!
that gd!!!
he must bring Cerruti to a famous brand!!!
that wt i think too!!!
the design is gd too!!!

monsieur AG said...

Hi Karmuel, good to know you too! I like your designs, very stylish chic. That is your graduation project, right? Yeah, Hedi is brilliant. Its unfortunate that he left DH.

You are in Paris? Are you studying there now? It must be really fun to be there...a good place where there is unlimited creativity.

Yes, I am Chinese. I will add u on MSN.

Honestly, i think the brand after DH would be Cerruti...its an upcoming brand!

issa said...

NAT was sacked on October already. According to the news in TFS.

monsieur AG said...

Apparently, he joined another fashion house...i was quite shocked about it too

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