Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hybrid wingtips

Since the success of the Prada espadrilles wingtips, several brands have created their own version of the hybrid wingtip. From bright coloured bottoms to vibram soles, some have even done it with cork bottoms. Even Prada, the originator, recreated a new hybrid wingtip with sneaker bottoms (pictured below). But honestly, i doubt it will be as popular as the espadrilles wingtips. In my personal opinion, i think it is kind of ugly.

In regards to wingtips with sneaker bottoms, Cole Hann has created quite a nice version of their own. Introducing the LunarGrand, this is a combination of the classic Cole Hann wingtip design with Nike lightweight Lunarlon cushioning system. Based on Cole Haan's traditional shoe construction process, the brand has created a wingtip that merges classic men's footwear with the needs of a modern shoe. According to Phil Russo, Cole Haan's VP of design, "the goal of the design process was to create a wingtip to take on the streets of New York City--a shoe that utilized motion-enhancing innovations at the same time as retaining its authentic and timeless aesthetic." The line just launched exclusively at the brand's Soho store in NYC and features some pretty eye-catching contrast soles. Priced at US$248.

Other colours:


Anonymous said...


I have a few Balmain and Christian Louboutin stuff that I would like to sell. Do you know any website where I can sell them?

adam said...

Hey Alvin,

I am keen to buy some bags, be it messenger, weekender or tote but i couldn't find something that make me feels like it is worth the money. Do you have any suggestions on which brands made some beautiful yet practical bags? I've been lurking around for months but cnnot find something that can satisfy me.

Anonymous said...

Hello Monsieur,

I'm recently desperately looking for a Balmain belt, but I can't seem to find any. Do you have one which you might want to sell pre-owned or new it doesn't matter. Or is there a site or place which could hook me up with nice Balmain belts?

Please email me at if you know, and thanks for your help.

Anonymous said...

Dude, check this out. Find something strange??

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