Monday, October 10, 2011

Blatant copy

I had a double take when a reader send me a link to this J.W.Anderson leather jacket. I can't believe that an established designer would blatantly copy an existing design. In my opinion, i think it is fine to custom make one but not making one to sell under its own brand. Wouldn't it tarnish it's own reputation?

No idea what i am talking about? It is the Dior Homme SS07 leather jacket.
If you couldn't spot the similarity, i think you are blind!


Prêt à Porter P said...

It is very similar but still different enough. Besides, big designers do copies all the time. Those very popular at the time Chloe Susan boots were copies of an archival Versace design. Dior Homme and Margiela sneakers are copies of an Adidas design. Gucci's last spring runway was directly from Saint Laurent. It happens all the time.

adam said...

Im afraid that i have to disagree with you pret a porter, i know that some designers do look up others as their inspirations, but to make it almost identical like 100% the look, it is fair to say that those designers shouldnt come up with their own brands, maybe their products will sell, but at the end people will critisized their attitude.

For e.g basic biker leather jacket, they look all the same but for 1 that has more characterized look,like this leatherjacket that differientate them from others, to copy them almost 100%, it is completely not so designer style as it supposed to be.

But i guess it is just normal for a new designer that started his carrier since 2007 based on the LN CC website description(yes, he started it when hedi was about to quit), he might still searching for his own identity plus hedi, so to say is one of a kind designer,that bring a whole lot different perspective on menswear fashion did inspired lots of fashion house out there.

P/s maybe he know that they are lots of people out there that still crazy about hedi's work so he came up with this.

Anonymous said...

no worries. it looks bad.

Anonymous said...

haha and the shirt pattern is also imitate. running out of idea much?

Anonymous said...

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