Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Louis Strass: Full Black

I think this is my ultimate shoe lust unless Christian Louboutin makes them with black spikes and black strass with black soles. Maybe i should strass my full black Louis Spikes?

The black diamond is known to be one of the more rare and unique members of the diamond family. "Louis Strass" in black crystals is the black diamond of the Louboutin sneaker. Sparkle, as you fade to black in this crystal high-top


Alex said...

Can I just say that I'm SO HAPPY that you're posting again! I've been checking back for what seems like forever. Please don't leave us again!

Anonymous said...

I love Louboutin sneakers too and I've seen the whole collection in the new mens boutique.
There are also a new upcoming pair of PIK PIK in grey! (not amazing as the first IMHO).

You don't have the black PIk Pik?

Monsieur AG said...

Hi Alex, i was just a little busy with work but i will try to blog whenever i have the time :)

thanks for the encouragement!

Monsieur AG said...

I am hoping to visit the men's store when i visit Paris in November. Hopefully, i can still find some good stuff then.

As for the silver Pik Pik, i have seen some pictures of it but it doesn't seem nice. I am not sure if i will change my mind when i see it in person.

I tried getting the black Pik Pik but it's sold out everywhere and i am not trying ebay because the prices are ridiculous...

adam said...

hey Alvin, what do you think about mens wearing womenswear?

ore example a leather jacket or perhaps jeans. Because sometimes the fitting is much better compared to menswear.

Leather jacket for example,sometimes for men,they made it quite long and it doesnt look good from the back. I prefer wearing jacket that sits perfectly on the waist,not too long nor too short. Is it ok for men to wear womenswear?

What is you opinion?

Really appreciate it if you could answer my question. Thanks so much.

Monsieur AG said...

Hi Adam,

I think it is perfectly fine for men to wear women's clothes if the fit is better. I wear women's stuffs as well but not feminine clothes like skirts or dresses. It is really alright to wear women's leather jacket, jeans or etc. We have to admit that the fit is much better for men of a slimmer or smaller built.

Anonymous said...

So glad you're back! Where may I ask did you see pictures of the new grey Pik Pik?! Any other knowledge of what's coming out from them for men?

Monsieur AG said...

This Pik Pik should be already out. One of my friend emailed me some pictures of it. All I know is they are fully reserved.

adam said...

Hi Alvin,

Thank you so much for your advice. Now i feel much better to hunt down some women clothing, cause you know what, I'm just afraid of people around me thinking that i have such a conflicted personality. Haha.

I'm completely straight guy but with a smaller built,it is kinda hard to find especially jacket that suits me perfectly.

Anyway thanks again for your advice. really appreciate it.

Monsieur AG said...

No problem at all.

I am a straight guy too so i guess as long as you pull it off well, there shouldn't be a problem...

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