Friday, June 24, 2011

Balmain Homme Spring/Summer 2012

This is the first collection by Christophe Decarnin's former assistant, Olivier Rousteing. Lucky for most of us, the iconic items such as the biker jeans and pea coat remain as part of Balmain Homme staple design. And also, Olivier is inducing the cropped jacket for this season. Can this bring back the trend cropped jacket where Hedi Slimane's Dior Homme has left off? Prices for Balmain Homme will definitely continue to stay high (up in the sky) when exotic leather is being used. Looking at the jacket on the left above, anyone familiar with Christophe's works will find it familiar? Think Balmain SS10. Will you pay more than $10K for it?


Prêt à Porter P said...

I love that crocodile jacket.

Pete said...

I am loving this collection

Geoff said...


I really just wish to ask a question. I see that you are a DH fan or an ex DH fan.

I've only started to collect Dior Homme or maybe I am too late already, but don't you see Balmain to be copying a lot of Hedi's style and it's a bit overpriced?

I'm just trying to ask that question because in HK everyone is dumping their Dior Homme and buying Balmain Homme and literally people would look down on you if you wear DH and not BH. I think that is insanely odd.

Monsieur AG said...

Hi Geoff

Well...i would say i was used to be a fan of DH, Hedi's era.

I won't say Balmain Homme is copying Dior Homme because Hedi's design is so much better! Balmain Hommei is not just a bit overpriced, it is RIDICULOUSLY overpriced!

The culture in HK is different. Everyone over there is simply following the hype. Whenever there is a new trend, they will just follow it. It is not wrong, fashion is all about being trendy for them. For myself, i am still keeping a few key DH items such as Jackets and Blazers but i am also selling some items which i no longer wear. I am not sure if people will look down on you if you wear DH and not BH but i guess its quite a norm in HK.

Geoff said...


Thanks for your insights!

if you have any blazers from DH by Hedi you wish to sell.

Please hit me up on my email.

I'm collecting DH blazers by Hedi.

Size 44 or 46.


Monsieur AG said...

I do have 1 or 2 which i would like to sell. I will email u later tonight

By the way, i have a pair of SS07 sharp notation jeans for sale if u are interested. Hedi's era

Geoff said...

I got a pair of sharp notation already.

Actually if you have any nice blazers, shirts, sneakers, boots or whatsoever by Hedi.

Hit me an email or add me on msn via that!

Thanks mate!

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