Monday, July 27, 2009


I was browsing through when i chanced upon this online store. Apparently, this online store is newly setup. I have yet to purchase anything from this store but the brands available on this website is pretty interesting. This online store carries several brands which were previously unavailable online but now you can get it there.

brands such as

James Perse


Gareth Pugh

Here is the amazing leather blazer from the Gareth Pugh Autumn/Winter 2009 collection and you can get it from Antonioli.


Paul said...

I find this online store couple months ago. they got a lot of stuff which is amazing. But seems the delivery fee is a bit expensive than others. I'm not living in Europe.

monsieur AG said...

really? i haven't check the shipping prices yet. I guess they do not have a account from the shipping company.

Paul said...

yea, I guess so. here is the details of shipment as below:

The cost for shipping to Usa, Canada and Turkey is: 24,00€ purchase till 200,00, 36€ purchase from 201,00 till 499,00, FREE purchase on top 500,00.

Delivery within 4 business days by UPS.

Rest of the world:

The cost for shipping all rest of the world is: 47,00€ purchase till 200,00, 66€ purchase from 201,00 till 499,00, FREE purchase on top 500,00. Orders are processed LESS the Italian Valued Added Tax.
Delivery within 7 business days by UPS.

anyway, they got a lot pretty stuff that you can't find in other online stores. So, I guess it will be worth if I'm planning to buy a lot stuff from Antonioli. haha. :)

monsieur AG said...

i think the cost is similar to that of luisaviaroma. Basically, you have to purchase more to make the shipping worthwhile

Paul said...

really? I didn't buy anything from Luisaviaroma yet. still looking at. for me, I wouldn't buy it from Luisaviaroma if its not my favorite, cuz its too far away from Melbourne. I don't like wait too long, that feel bad. I have a lot stuff want to buy on Antonioli.

anyway, here is another online store which is amazing. but its from Japan, you need e-mail them if you want buy something from this online store (I have confirm that they do provide worldwide shipping).

you gonna love this online store. they got my favorite brand which Balenciaga and Nicolas Andreas Taralis.

monsieur AG said...

i believe both ship from their order from Italy so it do take sometime. However, i don't think it will take more than a week as they should be using UPS or DHL.

If you really like something, i guess you wouldn't mind the wait.

I am going to check out the store which you have recommended!

Paul said...

Yes. I always shopping very cautiously. To looking at a new online shop for a while, to make sure its safe to purchase on that online store. I was planning to purchase on The Conner, but I give up that stupid idea when I read your experience. lol.

monsieur AG said...

yeah...its better to be cautious. I was shocked when i received the shoe in that state but at least they offered to refund me. The corner gave a discount for my next purchase too.

Paul said...

Yea, but I don't like return for exchange or refund, that means disappoint. Also, I don't know how to return, because I didn't do that before, seems its complicate for me. So, how's your next purchase on The Conner?

Anyway, is that white scarf you worn from Balenciaga? I got the same one in blue. but seems the white is a bit short (I wouldn't say its a bit short if I compared it with other scarf, because the blue scarf is a bit longer than others)? isn't it? However, I like your scarf, looks pretty. Its good on you.

Anonymous said...

"Apparently, this online store is newly setup."

no, it is not

monsieur AG said...

yeah...i hate to do any return too. Although it is pretty easy but i hate waiting. My purchase from is alright, my subsequent purchases were smooth.

I don't have any balenciaga scarf. I think you are referring to the beige scarf?

Thanks for the compliments :)

monsieur AG said...

if it is not then well be it

Paul said...

ah, it looks like white. so its beige? yea, its beautiful. I was misunderstanding that from Balenciaga, because the sales assistant told me that he got same scarf as me but in white, so I thought that your beige scarf from Balenciaga. Anyway, for me, I don't know how to process a return...

So, you are living in France?

monsieur AG said...

yeah its beige...i got a black one too. Processing a return is easy...the courier will come pick up the item from you..all you need to do is to email the store.

Nah, i am not living in France. I wish i am...

Paul said...

uh... So I just need E-mail to the store and notice the address for return then everything goes fine? Seems easy. Do you know the price index in France? I think its more than other country if I want living Paris, isn't it? I have entrust a new fashion designer from Paris to make me a L/S, but its really expensive and the quality is not that good... It's my experience, lol.

Yea, I saw that black one on your blog, its good as well. So where are you living? Do you have any idea about the price of Balenciaga's leather jacket?

monsieur AG said...

yeah, u just have to email them and they will arrange for the courier to pick up the items from you. Wee...europe is never a cheap region to live in but if you are earning euros or pounds, it should be fine.

For me, i really like KVA shirts...i like his cutting of the shirts and the simplicity...most importantly, i think KVA shirts really suits me.

I am living in Asia, running around the region.

If you can refer to my previous post, i just bought a balenciaga leather jacket. Typically, the prices are between 1.5k to 2.5k euros...depending on the complexity of the jacket

Paul said...

Wow, you lucky to get black leather jacket from Balenciaga. For me, I don't mind its lady's wear or not, I think the fashion (or just for looking beautiful) is between male and female, if you don't care about the distinguishing between the sexes, you are the person who can be pretty amazing than others.

For me, I like simple stuff, I think simple is classic, and timeless. Sometimes I think the real fashion is all about classic, people just picked it up from the history then create the new version based on classic. I don't care about season, cuz we can't just play around by designer. Some real classic fashion stuff can last for long time even forever.

Anyway, I like Balenciaga, especially theirs leather stuff, and Givenchy, Nicolas Andreas Taralis, Mihara Yasuhiro. I like KVA as well, I like theirs shirt which is slim to fit, really suits me. Yes, I love slim to fit. hahaha. Well, I'm from China, but living in Australia for a long time. Maybe its the time to move my feet away from Australia. hahaha.

monsieur AG said...

thanks! I very happy that i managed to get that size. I am still overseas now so i am not sure how it will fit...hopefully its perfect.

classic items are good...there are always the essential items in a mens wardrobe...such as a dinner jacket, a leather jacket, a nice-fitting shirt and pants...not forgetting a nice pair of jeans!

KVA shirt is slim and the cut is really fantastic...i haven't find anything nicer.

yeah...if u can, u should try exploring the rest of the world...Europe is cool but not place for me to stay forever

Paul said...

Haha, about KVA shirt, can't agree more. Yea, Europe is good for shopping and holiday travel or living for a while. But for me, I'd like living a country which doesn't have too many modern building like Australia, that makes me feel peace within myself.

I wish I am in London or Paris when I can't find my favorite stuff in Australia.. haha.

monsieur AG said...

Thats true. Europe is good for holiday and shopping but not anything least for me.

I have always preferred to stay in the city so i don't mind cities like Tokyo. Its so modern and the infrastructure is way ahead of the other Asian countries. Having Asian cuisine is also a must for me.

-h said...

im crazy about pugh men's fall collection. i read somewhere that its is/may be produced in smaller sizes for women. i havent seen a spring men's showing for him...
it makes me nervous to order from overseas though, i remember chickening out from luisa and ended up contacting the shop directly.

monsieur AG said...

yeah...that collection is really nice, suitable for ladies as well. I don't know if there is a SS collection for men because i am not sure if he has a good financial backing...

LVR is the first online store which i have ordered high-end clothes. I have to say their service is ok and i was buying alot from them during that period.

and also, you can actually skype them if there is anything wrong with your order

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