Thursday, February 7, 2008

Favourite Dior Homme items #12

These are the favourite Dior Homme items of Issa Part 2

SS04 Swallow-cut Tuxedo & SS04 cropped Tuxedo

(Ref code: 4EH2021622 & 4EF2020022 N001)

AW05 Pinstripes 2B Blazer & AW05 Pinstripes 1B Blazer(Ref code: 5HF1022233 & 5HH1021827)

SS05 Leather collar 1B Blazer
(Ref code: 5EH2021083)

AW05 Silk Scarf Shirt
(Ref code: 5HH1053197)

AW04 Distressed Sweater with leather patch
(Ref code: 4HH4057401)

AW07 High-top sneaker & AW04 Suede Boots


yoyo said...

issa, did you get my email regarding the reflection pins?

issa said...

oh!! it's you!! those aren't reflection pins!! It's from japan! if you like,i can give u the link~

issa said...

Mattia said...

if you are interested i have a reflections pins to sell

yoyo said...

thank you issa.

mattia, please email me at or post your email so we can talk about the pins. thanks!

Tim wong said...

how much are those AW06/07 Waxed Jeans worth nowadays.. is it nice? i havent seen the acutal jeans before.

Buy Women Leather Jacket Online said...

Love the 2nd blazer

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