Sunday, October 26, 2008

More pictures of the Balenciaga boots

I can't wait to get it...IT IS MUST FOR ME THIS WINTER


Memo said...

mmm where do those photos came from?

In case you get them and probably will... where are you buying them online or any particular place?

monsieur AG said...

i will probably get them in HK. I will be there in Dec so i hope it is still available...anyway, the price is ridiculous in HK so i hope i can find it elsewhere

Andy said...

Are they from current collection? I went selfridges the other day and didn't see this particular model. Any idea how much is it?

monsieur AG said...

Unfortunately no...this is first released in AW07 but it is available in SS08 as well...It is quite pricey. the price in HK is HKD7300 which is about GBP600

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