Friday, January 11, 2008

A new site

hello everyone! I will be launching a new site soon. I am in the process of building it. The new site will be solely for the selling/buying of Dior Homme items. This was suggested by YoYo and i personally think its a good idea too. I hope all of you will continue to support my blogs. Stay tuned!

P.S.If you have any things for sale, please start emailing them to me at


Matt said...

Looking forward to something a little more visually pleasant to browse then the MSN Group. Cheers.

monsieur AG said...

Yeah man, i am currently working on will be up soon

Anson said...

i reli appreciate and tell me if u need any help =) support!!!

monsieur AG said...

thank you very much. I hope u will continue to visit this site.

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