Saturday, February 3, 2007

Dior Homme Deville

This is the new classic duffel bag from Dior Homme but it was actually first released a few seasons back. For 2007, there are two new colours- white and silver. Made of washed lambskin with aged silver finish accessories. Comes with a wool tassel. For all previous seasons, the duffel bag and wool tassel are each sold separately.

I think this bag is not practical at all although it look nice. You can't keep any files or anything like this in the bag. No matter what, this bag is still the most sought after bag among DH fans...(except me)

(Item code: AGN C1292P NO)


Chris said...

The bag looks really nice, then you have to find the proper look that gets along with it. For being an owner of a logo duffle bag I have to admit that DH duffle bags are not praticle at all except if you plan to use them as a huge purse. Just getting stuff in/out of the bag is a assle and require much precaution. So if your are the kind who likes to do things in a hurry you'll probably get pissed off pretty fast.

monsieur AG said...

Yeah...i agree that it really look nice except that its not really practical...therefore i bought the shopper bag instead

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