Friday, April 27, 2007

the package finally arrived...

After a long wait of 2 weeks, this package finally arrived! The package is already on my desk the moment i came into the office this morning. Anyway, this package is from my dear friend in Lille, France. His name is Mehdi and we have actually never met before. Here is the story why he sent me this package..."2 weeks ago, while chatting in MSN with Mehdi...i asked him if he has the Dior Homme catalog. He said he has two copy and he will give one to me for FREE. People are actually selling this catalog on ebay and he is actually giving it to me for free. How nice he is!"

To my suprise, here are the items that i found in the package....He has sent not only a Dior Homme Summer 07 catalog but also a map of Paris(knowing that i wanna go to Paris badly..haha), a map of the famous Louvre and a nice postcard!
Thank you very much, Mehdi!! Much appreciated!!

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